Come to Worship

Posted on December 30, 2019

Bow Our Knee

Posted on December 22, 2019

There's a word in Hebrew that is translated worship in English but the original meaning is specific to bowing our knees. It's used 170 in the Bible to describe this important way of...
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Pour Out Our Hearts

Posted on December 15, 2019

Today we talk about something that you might not think is a form of worship. I like it because I believe it will connect our soul in intimacy with God. You can do it when you're full of...
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Bring Our Gifts

Posted on December 8, 2019


When the wise men arrived to see King Jesus they were overjoyed. When Matthew tells the story he wants to make sure we don't miss the joy. He writes this, "they rejoiced exceedingly...
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Lift My Hands

Posted on December 1, 2019

I can remember the moment when each of my kids let go of the coffee table to take steps for the very first time. In letting go of the table they looked at me and then raised their hands towards...

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