Steve Wilhite | Pastor, Elder

Steve has served as Lake Tapps' Senior Pastor since 2003. He and his wife, Kari were married in 1994 and God’s blessed them with two strong sons and two beautiful daughters. One of his favorite possessions, if pastors can admit to that, is their Vanagon. It’s the only vehicle on planet earth where you can floor it without getting a speeding ticket. Steve graduated from Emmanuel Christian Seminary in Johnson City Tennessee. In addition to teaching, Steve loves leading the church with a team of Elders and amazing staff. Since most of us have packed our lives with friends and followers yet remain lonely, isolated and longing for meaningful friendships, one of his favorite tag lines is ‘Going deeper with fewer.’


Matt Gilbert

Matt Gilbert was raised in California and moved to Washington in 1993. He and his wife, Jennie, were married in 1996 and have three wonderful children. They have been members at Lake Tapps since 2001 and have participated in many facets of ministry during their time here. Matt is a lieutenant at East Pierce Fire & Rescue. Their whole family is very active at Lake Tapps with Jennie teaching a couple of mornings a week at Lake Tapps Christian Preschool & Kindergarten and all three kids (Katie, Jonathon and Nathaniel), serving as leaders with the middle school ministry, J12 and children’s ministry.  The family enjoys having friends over to play games and try to sneak in little family outings as their schedule allows.


Curtis Pritchard

Curtis is the oldest of five children. He graduated from Oklahoma Christian College where he met his beautiful wife, Shelley. After they were married, they moved to Shelley’s home state of Washington. Curtis retired in 2017 after teaching math for over 30 years. They have attended Lake Tapps since September 20, 2015, after their previous church closed its doors. Curtis and Shelley have three children and five grandchildren. One of Curtis’ favorite things to do is snuggle babies, who respond favorably to his calm and nurturing demeanor. Curtis serves as one of Lake Tapps’ elders and views the office of elder as both a great honor and a great responsibility.